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15 Year-Old Pregnant Girl Draws Support While Others Criticize Her

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A young mother-to-be at the ripe age of 15, is about to baby. And in an open letter to Weekend Herald, she tells what it's like and her wishes for a better future.

Georgia Hageman lives at home with her parents and two younger siblings, she found out in November that she was indeed pregnant. With the news of Georgia's pregnancy, the family has struggled and successfully overcome obstacles that were thrown in their way. Georgia is now 35 weeks and tells about her experiences, in hopes of helping other young moms that are pregnant.

"I've been incredibly, incredibly fortunate to have my parents support me in the way they have. I don't know what I would have done without them.A lot of girls that are in my position ... they don't have the support. That's why I want to offer as much support to them because I can understand and relate what feelings and emotions you go through."

Georgia is said to be having a boy and will name him Mason. And she tell The Herald that just knowing her baby relies on her has helped her overcome challenges brought on by pregnancy.

The 15 year-old girl has drawn so much support, she said she's been overwhelmed with the support via Facebook, and her story has been viewed nearly 400,000 times on The New Zealand Herald's facebook page, and it is said by the page, to be the most viewed story of the week. But where there's positive feedback there comes negative, there are people out there that doesn't seem to agree with her situation and that's understandable.

Check out Georgia's letter courtesy of The Weekend Herald,

A fan wrote on Facebook, Good on her. I got pregnant at 14 and it saved my life. I quit the alcohol, smoking and drugs and violence that had ruled my life since 10.

"I did it cold turkey but people still judged me for my past ..."

And while others couldn't sympathize with her one person wrote, t was irresponsible to glamorise teen pregnancy. "Now what happens? I guess it's okay to go around knocking up 15-year-olds."

 I guess this topic could be argued forever. What's your thoughts on Georgia's story, can you relate to her?

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