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Farrah Abraham Is No Longer Keeping It In The Dark With This New Glow-In-The-Dark Teaser!


We're not going to pretend we've never struggled to find our underwear in the dark, but thanks to Farrah Abraham we're in luck! Intriguing to say the least, seems these fun-filled Glow-In-The-Dark undies worn by Farrah Abraham are just what we all need!
Isn't she looking fab! She's definitely full-filling her dancing career research and we bet the guys down at the local Gentlemen's Club in Austin, TX will be delighted seeing her in that. Farrah took to Twitter on Sept.23 to give a huge shout out to MagicSilk for helping her help make others dream come true. “Thanks to @MagicSilk for an Amazing Glow #InTheDark #Exposed Lingerie,” Farrah tweeted along with a snapshot of herself. “VIP Only.”


  1. she is slutty looking. I really hope her daughter is not exposed to her and any of her ways and farrahs mother is raising her.

  2. Can we PLEASE stop giving this chick air time? Maybe then she will go away.. How long will it take for producers and etc to realize, SHE IS DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION... Let's not give her any.. I'm down if yall are.

  3. Now if only SHE were glow in the dark since this dumb bitch already haunts our nightmares!! At least if she were when we turn the lights back on she would disappear which I dont EVER see happening otherwise. She really needs to get a life and learn things like for one how to be an at least ok parent!! I honestly dont care how much she makes being trash and whorish per year, and if it was JUST her I wouldn't comment, but Christ she has a daughter to think bout!! And with that giant head of hers youd think it would be filled with more than her own hot air!! Do yourself a few favors starting with learning how to be a parent, get some class, weane your 5 year old off her pacifier and close your legs to the public they arent a friggin matinee!! Theres honestly only so long you can blame someone else for your own mistakes. Now what happens when your daughter takes up blaming you for hers?!? And she will be justified in doing so! Ruining YOUR life is one thing but trashing a childs when they are too young do be able to do anything bput it is a whole new level of sick and twisted!!

  4. Crystal, which comment could you not agree with more that were posted above??