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Teen Mom 2 Star Adam Lind Poses In Half Naked Selfie!

Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind is baring it all ladies! well sort

of...The reality star dad says he's has been working out at the gym really hard all year and here's the eye popping proof!

Chelsea Houska's ex bad boy, Adam Lind, recently unveiled his super toned upper body, while almost unveiling too much of his lower torso. The aspiring personal trainer captioned these rare eye popping glimpses on his Facebook, "The right pic was taken Dec 14' so coming up on a year in the gym from 135lbs to 205lbs give or take a few lbs daily.. Gotta thank the #1 man who forced me to go !! @pturcar thank you my brother!"
Photo credit:Facebook
What you girls think about Adam now?


  1. He is still ugly as hell and a horrible father to Aubree.... And he is a complete ass for all the hurtful shit he has said to Chelsea

    1. He is nasty, a horrible father, and not in the slightest good looking!!! I think he is a POS and Taylor needs to wake the hell up!!!!!!!!

  2. Can't stand the sob. He needs to grow up be a real man and help with his responsibilities or just disappear. He is no good.

  3. Chelsea gets on my nerves. She should be happy Aubree has a father who wants to be in her life. She seems like a spoiled brat. And her baby talk to Cole is way annoying lol

  4. Wow... Why is it that people wanna bash on wonderful mothers? Chelsea is an amazing mom. Adam is a worthless piece of shit! He acts like he wants to be in Aubree's life but then again he dont spend nor call her on fathers day! Aubree needs someone like Cole. I cant stand when people talk about Chelsea. She tries an does a great job with Aubree! If you dont like the damn show dont watch it!! Im done nagging, had to get that out.

  5. Worthless piece of shit but his body is coming along can't knock him on his fitness... but needs to get on his shit together about being a better person n parent it's not all fun n games nomore

  6. WOW ADAM IS HOT.chelesea and her dad r pathetic always putting him down leave him alone now hes rltrying to do better for himself.chelsea isnt all that innocent remember she slept with his best make while she was with him of course he is going to treat her like a piece of crap.ur a great dad Adam so what if he broke the law he didnt murder or child abuse anyone so leave him alone.chelsea is sickning always calling daddy when ever elanythink upsets her geez call ur mum but i guess she not a gossiping put down like ur father ay. #TE AMADAM