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Leah Messer Receives Heart Breaking News About Daughter's Medical Condition!

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In a sneak peek for the upcoming installment of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer and her ex-husband Corey Simms receives heartbreaking news that their daughter, Ali's, medical condition is slowing deteriorating.

In the clip, we see Leah and Corey visiting with a neuromuscular specialist, Dr. Tsao. During the visit, Dr. Tsao tells Leah and Corey, "We wanted to see Ali today and talk to you about everything. You mentioned that she will fall and hit her knee, right? She is not using her power wheelchair for the last three months, right?”

After closely examining Ali, Dr. Tsao tells Leah and Corey, “Her strength is still quite decent, but once she’s getting to age seven, then gradually, the maturity affects her. Then she may very slowly get weaker.” Dr. Tsao then goes on to say that Ali will likely lose her ability to walk, being totally reliant to a wheelchair.

Check out the heartbreaking moment as Leah and Corey try to come to terms with their daughter's battle with muscular dystrophy.

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  1. I feel bad for leah and corey my daughter had this to except she past way after 1 month cause affect the muscles in her lungs to breath on her own this is an awful condition but hope she knows ali is still beautiful special girl wheelchair or not long as she has good parents and her sisters by her side she can achieve anything