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Teen Mom 2 Dad Reportedly Tests Positive For Meth, Amphetamines!

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Word is that Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind has a failed a court-ordered drug test!

A new report from The Ashley Reality Roundup claims that Adam

Lind was ordered by the courts to take a drug test earlier this month after his two baby mamas, Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur and few MTV crew became suspicious that Adam might be using.

According to the report, Adam failed the drug test, testing positive for both methamphetamine and amphetamine!

"Adam had over 300 ng/ml of amphetamine detected in his system, as well as over 800 ng/ml of methamphetamine," The Ashley reported. Of course, Adam defended himself writing it off as a "faulty test." Later we learn that Adam was tested a second time and again it came back dirty.

As a result of failing the drug test, we now learn that Adam is not allowed unsupervised visits with his youngest daughter, Paislee, that he shares with Taylor Halbur.

As for Adam's oldest daughter, Aubree, that he shares with Chelsea Houska, seems Adam still has supervised visits... for now.

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