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Is Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska Leaving The Show?

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Now that MTV has added a fifth person, Teen Mom 3 star Brianna DeJesus, to the cast of Teen Mom 2, rumors have been swirling that one of its current cast members might be leaving... so who could it be?

Rumor has it that Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska might be the one leaving, but how true is the rumor?

According to new reports, fans of TM2 Chelsea Houska might be relieved to know that the reality star mom is not going anywhere!
When Chelsea's father Randy Houska was asked by curious fans if his daughter has any plans to leave to show, Randy simply replied NO!
While it was rumored that Chelsea may be calling it quits to live a more private life from all the drama of being on the show, a source revealed to RadarOnline, “Chelsea has a great producer now, and has been able to avoid most of the chaos that MTV likes to push."

Tell us your thoughts! Are happy that Chelsea is staying on Teen Mom 2?

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