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OMG... Can you believe What Barbara Evans Just said about Jenelle New Book !!

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Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans' first tell-all book titled Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teen Mom, a story detailing her as a

teenager dealing with bad relationships, drug addiction, absentee father and how she was tricked into signing over custody of her oldest son Jace, was met with serious backlash from her mom, Barbara Evans!

According to RadarOnline reports, Barbara is furious about Jenelle's claims in her new book, basically calling the book nothing but lies! 

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Barbara told Radar Online that she’s “getting a little sick and tired of” Jenelle putting all their family drama out there and not even reporting it accurately. “She doesn’t even know half the story of her life!”

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  1. Barbra why are you getting so mad,,,,the truth hurts does nt it ,