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Teen Mom OG Star Secretly Ties The Knot In Vegas!

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Surprise, Surprise... A Teen Mom OG star recently ties the knot in an impromptu wedding ceremony in Las Vegas!

According to several new reports, Teen Mom OG's Amber

Portwood's ex-fiance Matt Baier is officially a married man, marrying a mother of two daughter, Jennifer Conlon.

Baier spoke out about Conlon revealing that the two had met in a restaurant when he returned to Las Vegas following his breakup with Portwood. Baier says he and Conlon have been dating for approximately six months adding that they have been trying to keep the relationship private. 

As for Baier's proposal to Conlon, Baier revealed that he never really "popped the question" to Conlon that it just "just kind of came up."

"It was one of those situations where it just kind of felt like the right thing," Baier explained of his new marriage. "We really get each other. We both have overcome a lot of stuff. It felt like the right thing to do. It just kind of happened that way."

Congratulations to Matt and his new wife....Tell us your thoughts!

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