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Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer Is Wasting No Time In Starting Her New Life!

Photo credit:Leah Calvert/Facebook
Now that Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer has returned home from her

month long stay at a Utah rehab facility for alleged depression and stress, she's reportedly super excited about her new start in life!

According to Intouch sources, Leah is " trying not to let things get to her like they did in the past." also mentioning, "Leah hasn't been this excited about life in a very long time." and perhaps that has a lot to do with the new man in her life, personal trainer,"T.R." Dues.

The Ashley Reality Roundup reported on June 22, that Messer and T.R. are looking to rent a place near the Charleston W.V. area for her and the girls, and perhaps, "T.R.", who is allegedly already staying at Messer's mother Dawn's house.

Sources reveal to the site, that the couple has, "been busy looking for houses big enough for Leah and her girls, also mentioning that T.R. has already gave potential landlords a heads up about the MTV film crew that will be frequenting the home for the next season of Teen Mom 2.

As previously reported, Leah and new boyfriend "T.R." met back in May, when MTV reportedly hired him to be her personal trainer. Word on the streets suggest the couple's relationship has since escalated into something serious!


  1. Leah you really should be thinking about your girls first before thinking about another man because you already been married twice and divorce twice you probably never meant any of your new born friends or family yet so if something bad happens to your girls it's on you and then both of your ex husband's will be mad at you. Just think about your girls.

  2. Leah I think it's way to soon to be moving in with someone! You need to make sure your ready to handle stress that comes with a new relationship before you bring your girls around this man. You need to take time to heal the wounds you caused for your girls by putting them through all this. I really hope Cory and your exhusband step in and put you in your place! You need to quit worrying about your self so much and worry about your girls happiness. Enough is enough! It seems your girls are more mature then you are sometimes! You need to make sure your healed first and to not be highly medicated to handle stressful situations. I mean shit you hadn't been out of rehab that long! I could go on and on but like the previous comment if something happens to your girls it's all on you!!!