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Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind Gets Busted In Nude Photo With Ex Girlfriend Jessica Nicole!

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File this one under WTH! Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind gets exposed in an awkward way by ex girlfriend Jessica Nicole!

According to RadarOnline, Lind's ex girlfriend, Jessica Nicole, took to her Instagram yesterday sharing this graphic photo of the ex couple getting really really close in bed.

If your wondering if Lind has called it quits with live-in girlfriend, Stasia Huber, not so fast! Reportedly the nude photo is old and was posted as a joke.

Sources told RadarOnline, "Jessica jokingly sent Adam the photo and teased him about posting it, which featured Lind taking a "bite"

out of Jessica's bare butt. As a joke, he told her to do it, not thinking she would. But then she did!”

After realizing this could tarnish his somewhat stable life and perhaps his current relationship with Huber, Lind got really pissed at Jessica, making her take it down. Reportedly Jessica did delete the photo at Lind's request, but seems it was a little too late, the photo has since went viral on social media.

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