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Adam Lind Accused Of Neglecting Youngest Daughter Paislee During Visitation!

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Teen Mom 2 bad boy Adam Lind has found himself in trouble with his second baby mama!

According to RadarOnline reports, Lind is now being accused by his ex-baby mama, Taylor Halbur, of neglecting their 3-year-old daughter Paislee.

According to the reports, Halbur filed court papers against Lind claiming he left their daughter unattended in his home.

In the court papers filed by Halbur, she stated, "I approached the

house and began knocking on the garage. There was no answer, so I proceeded to the front door of the home, I did not get a response from the door either. Ultimately, I just opened the door and went in."

Halbur went on to state that once she entered the home, she saw her daughter sitting alone on the couch. After a few moments, Lind surfaced from his bedroom explaining that he had been napping.

Halbur also claims that Lind is "unable to be a responsible adult" and can not put his daughter's needs before his own. Reportedly Halbur has asked the judge to reconsider their current custody arrangement as we learn she's now seeking supervised visitation.

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