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Teen Mom OG Maci Bookout Reveals Plans To Expand Her Family?

Although Teen Mom OG Maci Bookout has revealed that she and

her husband, Taylor McKinney, have no future plans to have another baby, it hasn't stopped the couple from considering adoption!

Maci, the mother to already three precious children, Bentley Edwards,8, that she shares with ex Ryan Edwards and her other two children, Jayde1 and Maverick,11 months, that she shares with husband Taylor McKinney recently talked about plans to expand her family by adopting a child.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Maci explains that while she and Taylor have no future plans to have another child "biologically" she did says they have talked about "adoption or fostering in the future."

Maci says that for her and Taylor, "it’s one of those things where if we are capable of providing a stable home, healthy relationships and some hope for a child who may not have that or ever experienced it, then we want to.”

Maci then added, “If we are able to do that then why would we not? Plus, I think introducing our children to something like that and giving them that experience and for other child to be able to have a sibling or healthy relationships with other children … all kids deserve that. If we can give it to them then why wouldn’t we?”

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  1. it really confuses me how someone who is able to like you wont just have another one its not like you are like some other people some people have no choice but to adopt and its really depressing when you can and you choose to adopt you have a choice to bring another one into the world biologically why dont you do that thanks maci im not trying to be rude but yea

  2. Why is it a bad thing she wants to adopt?? You must not realize how many kids are in foster care that need a home.... your an idiot if you think it's wrong she wants to adopt & not have another biological child. I think it's awesome her & Taylor want to do this to expand their family! ❤❤